Space saving DIY projects


Do you ever get fed up of having too much clutter around the house? If this is the case, you have two options; either get rid of your stuff, or find a way to maximize your storage space. It doesnít matter if youíve got a three-bedroom house or a studio apartment, creating an efficient storage system can cure all your clutter problems for good. With a little bit of elbow grease and a free weekend youíll be surprised at how much space you can save.


Floating furniture


This is a nifty little project thatíll make your room look cleaner and more minimalist and will also give you extra floor space. Using a few L-brackets and some safety anchors you can raise your bookshelf, desk and entertainment system off the floor and secure them to the wall. This gives you enough space beneath for storage crates or nesting tables to further maximize the space. Having this extra floor space will also allow for easier cleaning of the room since you donít have to vacuum awkwardly around the furniture.


The power of magnets


The more space you have in the kitchen, the more gizmos you can fit in it. There is quite a bit of potential kitchen space not being utilized on the walls and even the underside of shelves. Attach a magnet strip to the wall and youíve a handy floating knife rack. You can also attach small magnets to the underside of your kitchen shelves to create a hanging spice rack.


Hanging bike rack


Usually, bicycles and small rooms donít mix, especially if you live in a small flat. This can be easily fixed using a couple of 2x4 planks and some hooks. Screw an upright plank to a 2x4 plate using a lag screw, then attach some slip on stud hooks  to hold the bikes. This way the bikes donít take up precious floor space and you can mount it against the wall so it looks presentable when you have visitors.


Paint can coat hooks


Finding a place to put the contents of your pockets at the end of the day is frustrating. Your keys, wallet, headphones and gloves all take up space, and if youíre not careful youíll end up losing them. Secure an empty (and clean) paint can to the wall and you have a place to hang your coat that also gives you a hollow space to keep your little knick-knacks.


Look up


You might not have much in the way of floor space, but if you want some extra storage space all you have to do is look up. The upper sections of your walls are prime for adding shelves and other storage solutions to keep your lesser used items. Sure, you might need a ladder to reach them, but it makes for a much more efficient use of space.


There are keen and clever designers who are able to live comfortably with as little as 90 square feet of floor space using clever space saving tricks to make the most out of every inch. With a bit of time and a few screws, you can transform your living space into a more efficient and comfortable place to live.



Jamie Gibbs is the resident blogger for home insurance comparison site