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The Incident:

It was a day like any other, and Jerry was happily at work building support structures when a mysterious figure appeared overhead. As the figure drew close to the edge above where Jerry worked, a hammer, left lying next to the hole, was either inadvertently or intentionally knocked into the pit. Unfortunately the hammer struck  Jerry square on the head, causing severe damage to the small portion of his brain ( actually all portions of Jerry's brain are small ), responsible for , well, being normal.

 Since the time of the accident, this tiny area, located in the frontal lobe region, occasionally acts like a switch, effectively causing Jerry to lapse into a trance-like state of uncanny foresight and courage when confronted with dangerous or threatening circumstances. Sadly Jerry remains virtually clueless the majority of the time, and remembers very little about that day, except for one very important detail. Emblazoned into what's left of what was initially a limited memory anyway, is the vivid image of a man's impeccably clean and unsoiled work-boot. A work-boot he would remember the rest of his life. A work-boot he would find the owner of, even if it took him forever.

The Present Day:

Faced with the prognosis that his mental capacity would forever be lacking in common sense and sound decision making, Jerry conceded that the only option left to him, was to become a teacher.

Jerry now works as a shop teacher at a humble little High School, and enjoys many of the same things that he did before, and although he lives his oblivious little existence, he has never forgotten the work-boot and it's possible owner.