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The Beginning:
 As neither of Jerry's parents would claim responsibility, it was widely assumed that Jerry was delivered by a deranged stork. Of course it was his parents that claimed the stork was deranged, because they were convinced it came to the wrong house. Eventually though, they came to accept Jerry as their own, and he seemed to settle in nicely to his new surroundings. 

The Early Years:

Right off the bat, Jerry took a liking to wood. He would spend hours crawling around the floor of his father's shop, playing with bits of scrap wood, and digging endlessly in the sawdust.   





Teen Angst:

As a teenager, Jerry was unusually very focused on his priorities. Between squeezing his face in the mirror, and hiding with his National Geographic magazines, Jerry was actually a diligent student. Enrolled in the Industrial Education Program at school, Jerry furthered his skills and submersed himself in anything to do with wood.



A Pivotal Moment:

In order to put himself through trade school, Jerry employed his most valuable talents.

Hours and hours he'd spend plying his skills sitting outside hardware stores. Chatting up the customers as they'd come and go, and dispensing  the knowledge he'd acquired from the years spent on the floor of his father's shop, Jerry quickly discovered his talent for helping people solve their project problems. It was here that Jerry found his true purpose in life. He was determined to become a Master Craftsman and Home-improvement Specialist, and nothing would prevent it.


Road to success:

Convinced that he'd finally discovered his true calling in life, Jerry set out to pursue his training and enrolled in one of the most prestigious and rigorous wood training courses offered through correspondence. He hit the books pretty hard, and although he struggled at times, his desire and hard work finally paid off.

The big break:

Although short lived, Jerry's first opportunity to employ his craft came when he was offered a job building support structures for a company that digs ditches. Hard at work in a deep...uh, well, a ditch, and determined to demonstrate his talent, Jerry was caught completely unprepared for what was about to unfold.

                                                        to be continued...