(def.) : "of poor workmanship & shoddy materials"

Participate in the construction of a live interactive project.

Project #1 - A clubhouse.


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Taddie Construction Delta BC -Donated 4 windows, 2 of which open, all double-glazed.
Branden  Harris Surrey BC -Donated $10.00 instead of going to a movie.
Dave Henderson Burnaby BC -Donated $40.00 because he looks like Jerry.
Member "Kades" Port Coquitlam BC -Donated $10.00 of her birthday money.
Member "Cynic" Coquitlam BC-Donated a generous undisclosed amount of cash.
George Best Surrey BC -Donated an assortment of brackets, and nails.
Phil Clelland Surrey BC -Donated a full days labour pounding nails into the deck.
Dick's Lumber Surrey BC -Donated a reduced rate on lumber cost, and 2 bags hasty post.
Members Redeye Rob, Sumo & Ralf for helping frame up the clubhouse.

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Our clubhouse has withstood the test of a huge dump of snow.  Now, if we just had some heat. Having some windows would be a logical first step I suppose. See it here.
Clubhouse finally painted. ( Well, actually we stained it.) Almost looks like someone lives there now. Wonder if that transient is still in there?   What do you think?  
First sleep-out ends in failure !  Yes, the clubhouse was finally put to the test. After lining the floor with cushions, setting up the TV and VCR, and watching "Signs", it was back in the house by midnight.  Must have thought Jerry was an alien. 
Occasionally, Jerry is released on a day pass and allowed to surf the internet. During a recent session, he encountered this little match-the-tool game, and we can't get him to stop.
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You just have to see our latest renovation photographs. See how a simple laminate flooring installation can transform even the most horrendous of floors into a virtual dance floor.
There's some stiff competition out there. Have a look at these clubhouses.   Boy, do we have a thing or two to learn. See the photos
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Member "Cynic" has posted plans for a neat pedal cycle.  Download  them from the "Kids Stuff" section of the Pegboard Forum.
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In memory of  Molly, Jerry's favorite little wonderdog. Sept.2,1989-Nov.27,2001. Rest in Peace in Puppy Heaven.
Have any dilemmas that you need help with? Why not ask Jerry, in the new Ask Jerry section of  The Pegboard? (Well, you can ask.) Post your problem, or help with others, Jerry can't do it all. (Would you want him to?) 
The walls are going up soon,  so if we're going to have windows, we have to know where they're going to be. Time's ticking.     Have your say! 
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Our members have spoken. We're going with an 8x10 clubhouse. (...or is that 10x8 ? )
Don't forget to check the calendar periodically. Jerry's going to post his intentions for each weekends construction of the project.
Just how big should this clubhouse be? Has Jerry lost his marbles? Vote here!
Nothing to do? Try building these cool stilts. When your done, don't forget to let your kids try them too.
Member Homosaurus has a great idea for fixing broken lawn-chairs in the true jerrybuilt tradition. Learn his secret here.                   
Submit your ideas and layout plans for the clubhouse here. Get your two cents in before Jerry screws things up.
Back from vacation: Jerry's return from Port Renfrew where he helped slap together a portion of a wharf. See the pictures here.  ( it isn't going to be pretty.)
Vote on the latest poll in The Pegboard Forum. Tell us what you would do if you were Jerry. ( Count your lucky stars your not.)
View the groundbreaking photos in the Backyard.   See how Jerry has screwed things up so far.

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Having been rendered clueless by a blow to the head from a falling hammer, Jerry, once a world famous Master Craftsman is now in need of your help. Join his team and join the fun.

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Cutting SOS pads or steel wool with scissors will actually sharpen them.

Jerry says:  Why would he need sharp SOS pads? But he does admit that using scissors is way better than tearing them with his teeth.


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Most Recent Development:

What they said:

Rgregson: When are your members going to see updated pictures.
Or should I say , a picture. We cannot give our ideas to Jerry when we cannot see his lousy work or how far along he is. If you find a transient* inside give him a hammer as he couldn't be any worse than Jerry. One picture can show a thousand mistakes...
reference to Jerry's recent newsletter where he talks about a latch for the door to keep transients from moving in.

Jerry: The fact is that there really hasn't been a lot of progress to photograph. I keep waiting for members input, but nobody has been posting anything. I'll get some up soon. As soon as I get a digital camera. So go buy a coffee mug so I can afford one.

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